ZQuiet® Anti Snoring Device - ALL NEW COMFORT 2 STEP SYSTEM - 6 PACK

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Better Sleep… Better Life!

Buy ZQuiet in Australia from betterforu.com.au

Betterforu.com.au worked hard to bring ZQuiet to Australia years ago, and since then Zquiet has helped thousands of people in Australia stop snoring.

ZQuiet® was created to help you get your life back! You probably don’t realize the toll that snoring is taking on both you and your loved ones, but after a few days of using ZQuiet®you’ll notice what you have been missing for so long…

  • Wake up refreshed and revitalized
  • Works for women and men!
  • Small, flexible and low profile
  • Increase your energy with proper sleep
  • Enjoy the health benefits of quality sleep
  • No more sleepless nights!

ZQuiet® is dentist designed and was created to help you kick snoring out of bed in a quick, effective, and easy to use manner. In order to understand its effectiveness, it’s important to understand how it works. 


Snoring occurs while you sleep as a result of the natural relaxation of the lower jaw and its surrounding tissue. Due to this relaxation, your tongue falls back towards your throat – which causes a narrowing of the airway at the back of the throat. As air tries to travel through this restricted path, the vibration of the air over the tissue causes the agitating sound we all have come to know as snoring.

Millions of people in Australia suffer from this common ailment that prevents a proper night’s rest and their loved ones suffer just as much.


We brought Zquiet to Australia to help stop snoring! 

ZQuiet® addresses the problem of snoring by comfortably stabilizing the jaw and bringing it forward. By preventing the jaw from falling back, ZQuiet® opens up the airway in the back of the throat and allows air to pass through freely without creating the harsh vibration, hence alleviating the annoying snoring noise.

Dentists have used similar devices to Zquiet in Australia for decades that are much more expensive. This small and surprisingly soft mouthpiece was designed by a dentist, is regulated by the FDA and has demonstrated both safety and effectiveness. It is designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and enables freedom of jaw movement so you can sleep with your mouth open or closed.

2 Step Comfort System

ZQuiet’s® 2-Step Comfort System provides 2 unique mouthpieces designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. Some customers need just a small advancement, while some need a little more. ZQuiet® gives you both mouthpieces to provide you with the most effective treatment so you and your family can get the quiet, restful sleep you deserve. The patented design works for men AND women – the very first night! Join thousands of people using Zquiet in Australia and feel the difference!

ZQuiet’s Living Hinge Technology

The ZQuiet® mouthpiece has soft hinges in place to provide maximum flexibility and comfort so that it can adapt with the way you sleep and provide maximum relaxation. This feature enables you to sleep comfortably throughout the night no matter how you are positioned and whether your mouth is open or closed. The Living Hinge technology is unique to ZQuiet® and is what holds ZQuiet® in place to create the perfect fit WITHOUT boiling, molding, or hassle!


Backed By Years of Technology and Research

Zquiet has helped many thousands to stop snoring in Australia and worldwide. ZQuiet® works - and it works instantly! Many anti-snoring products on the market do not achieve the results they promise. Many of you have tried solutions such as breathing strips, pillows, chinstraps, and even sprays to treat your snoring. But, what you may not know is that many of these products don't work because they fail to address the root cause of the problem: that snoring starts in the back of the throat. The key to ZQuiet®'s success is that its revolutionary approach gently advances the lower jaw to create a widened airspace in the back of the throat reducing the vibration of the surrounding soft tissue. The result: a quiet restful sleep.


Designed to be both comfortable and extremely easy to use...

So many people in Australia have bought, used and are happy with ZQuiet! Buy Zquiet in Australia from www.betterforu.com.au Australia's most established and experienced ZQuiet stockist.


How long after starting use does the ZQuiet take effect?
You should stop snoring and expect to see (and not hear!) results the very first night
Is there any setup involved?
There is no setup involved. You can simply take it out of the case and use it. Start with the Comfort 1 device. If your snoring persists than use the Comfort 2 device which will widen the airway slightly more
Can I breathe through my mouth while wearing a ZQuiet?
Yes! Unlike some stop-snoring devices, ZQuiet® lets you breathe completely naturally, through your mouth and nose. We recommend you do not buy any device that restricts breathing through your mouth or nose
Can I open and close my mouth while wearing a ZQuiet?
Yes, thanks to our patent-pending Living Hinge® technology! Opening and closing your mouth while sleeping is a natural process and the ZQuiet® Living Hinge® provides comfortable jaw mobility. Many customers appreciate the fact that they can even talk or take a drink without having to remove the mouthpiece.
Is the ZQuiet mouthpiece hard to fit?
ZQuiet® was specially designed to fit nearly everyone. No boiling or molding is required—just use it exactly as provided. If needed, you can trim your ZQuiet® with small scissors to improve fit and comfort. After trimming, use a fingernail file or emery board to smooth any rough edges and avoid irritation to the gums.
What material is ZQuiet made from and is it safe?
ZQuiet® is made from a thermoplastic elastomer. The material has passed rigorous consumer safety testing and does not contain latex or BPA (Bisphenol A).
Can I use ZQuiet with dentures?
ZQuiet® uses the front teeth (upper and lower) to advance the lower jaw. If the denture (upper or lower) includes just one of these teeth, it is normally fine to use ZQuiet®. If it is a partial denture and 2 or more of the 6 front teeth in a jaw are missing, the ZQuiet should not be used. Do not use ZQuiet® if you have full dentures.
Will there be any jaw soreness?
The average person requires an adjustment period of a few hours to a few weeks to reach maximum comfort. During this period you may feel some discomfort, but this should disappear shortly after removing the ZQuiet® mouthpiece. Moving the jaw forward is what quiets the snoring; and this movement requires some initial conditioning of your jaw muscles.
How do I clean my ZQuiet?
Clean it after every use with our carefully formulated, proprietary cleaning solution “ZQuiet Clean.” Cleaning and sanitizing your ZQuiet is as easy as “pump scrub and rinse” and takes only 60 seconds! It is available at checkout when you purchase your ZQuiet.
How do I store my ZQuiet?
The golden rule is that you store your clean ZQuiet® in the supplied case. This ensures that it will retain its shape and also will prevent accidental damage.
Will a jaw advancement device help with sleep apnoea?
Sleep apnoea is a serious medical condition and something about which you should consult your doctor.
Any other questions?
Please do not hesitate to send a message and someone will contact you within 24 hours! We are based in Australia and are the most experienced and established stockists of ZQuiet in Australia.