We know how difficult it can be floss.

We believe our regular daily dental routine should be convenient, easy and enjoyable.

Aquapick is quicker and easier than regular flossing.

User friendly for the whole family.

At 1800 pulsations per minute and the recommended 600mls of water it only takes 70 seconds to floss.

12 adjustable pressure settings – suitable for most sensitive gums

  • Perfect for
  • Implants
  • Crown/Bridges
  • Braces and Retainer Wires

“Clinically proven to be more effective than using string floss”.

Key features of the Aquapick AQ-300

  • 12 Adjustable water pressure settings
  • Thumb operated on/off switch
  • 1800 Pulsations per minute
  • 600ml water capacity
  • Superflex hose
  • Low noise design
  • Quality components
  • Replaceable handle, water tank and jet tip
  • Easy to fill tank
  • Comes with 4 individually coloured jet tips (family use)