Lumineers by Cerinate

Permanent, pleasant, painless…

What are Lumineers?

LUMINEER veneers are made from patented ultra-strong Cerinate Porcelain. These veneers are contact lens thin and help patients achieve a naturally beautiful smile. LUMINEERS are custom made by hand to ensure the best possible results for individualised treatment. Unlike traditional veneers, LUMINEERS do not require your teeth to be cut down or drilled away which can be potentially painful and risk the life of the tooth.


LUMINEERS are made with a feldspathic porcelain reinforced with leucite crystals. The particular uniformity of the leucite crystals helps it to resist cracking and crazing. The high strength of Cerinate allows LUMINEERS to be made contact lens-thin, without increased risk of breakage, so you can place veneers without the need for anesthetic, extensive prepping, or temporaries.